My 10 Month Natural Hair Journey | It Has Not Been Easy

Hey ladies
As the year is coming to an end it is always good to reflect on the year that was. So I thought… hmmm why not reflect on my hair journey thus far. I’ve learnt a lot about my hair but let me tell you, it has not been easy especially as a first time natural.
Two more months until my 1 year mark as a natural. Yaaayy!! I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly during this journey. I’ve learnt a lot about my hair and what products my hair reacts well to. I started off with really, really and I mean REALLY dry hair mainly because I dyed my 4c hair (bad idea) but as time went by I moisturized it and it softened up more. I’ve seen breakage, tangling and heat damage but I’ve found ways to overcome these and starting to enjoy my natural hair. Here’s to another 10 months of being natural. **raises glass**


Happy holidays xxx
Here is my journey in pictures:





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