Monocrome Madness | Embracing The Curves

Protective styling is back! Decided to change my hair and give the locks a break, but that is for another day. I will write a post on that soon.

Now back to this post, I am embracing the curves today with this lovely fitted zebra print maxi dress. I have paired it with one of my favourite beaded necklaces just to give the look a pop of colour.

I am not one to wear tight fitted dresses because of my curves but heck man, WE ARE AFRICAN! We need to embrace them, its part of who we are! If you’ve got them flaunt them honey! We are constantly bombarded with what the media has classified as beautiful,that when we look at ourselves we don’t appreciate what we have. Start accepting who you are and appreciating what makes you you, because that there is true wisdom.

Happy Sunday xxx

Much Love, Lady Bawss


Maxi dress- Edgars


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