Traditional Wedding Vibes | Modern Leteisi

Have you ever been invited to a African traditional wedding and had no idea what to wear? I am always asking myself, ‘How do I incorporate the traditional aspect of it all yet still look modern?’. My constant struggle. I do not understand why it is such a battle finding modern African wear in our continent. Usually the first thing you see when looking for African print clothing is oversized dresses/gowns that would probably suit our moms, aunties and grandmothers. #NoShade. Note to all African designers: Pleeeeeease cater to the younger generations as well!Β 



Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I found this beautiful dress. So it seems that some designers are listening and opening up to modernizing African print clothing. I fell inlove with this lovely dress as soon as I laid my eyes on it.

This German print dress otherwise reffered to as ‘leteisi’ in Botswana, has been elegantly cut and incorporates black sheer lace detailing on the top and bottom of the dress. It also came with a matching headscarf. It’s gorgeous, it’s unique, it’s modern. Exactly what I needed for a traditional wedding invite. I found this beauty at YDE as part of the Khosi Nkosi collection. They usually have affordable modern African print designs available.

Do you also struggle finding modern African print clothing? Let me know.

Much Love,
Lady BawssΒ xxx


Dress – YDE


4 thoughts on “Traditional Wedding Vibes | Modern Leteisi

  1. I do struggle and I would really give anything to find ready made traditional dresses, this having to seek for a seamstress every time there is a cultural event is annoying. I am too embarrassed to ask about YDE, but what can I do, I seem to never be in the know. Love the post


    • LOL! I don’t mind explaining. YDE is a clothing store in SA selling beautiful dresses (and more) created by local designers. They have quite a few stores around South Africa. So if you are in those parts it’s definitely worthwhile to check them out.

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