My Bungee Jumping Experience | Travel Diaries

I always wanted to go bungee jumping, but never mastered the strength to actually do it until this day. It was a long weekend in Johannesburg, my boo and I decided why the hell not go bungee jumping! Random right?! We called the Orlando Towers in Soweto to see if they were open on Sunday and they were. So just like that we went to go jump off the 100m high tower.



I was so nervous as we went up the tower but surprisingly became more excited once we were on top. That excitement lasted a good two minutes because once I was on the verge of the tower, I WAS TERRIFIED! The first few seconds of jumping literally felt like I was going to die! Imagine being mid air and can’t really feel the ropes attached to your feet as you are falling. Crazy right?! But as I was falling a couple of seconds later and could feel the ropes holding me I became excited again and enjoyed the fall. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life! And I am so proud I did it, despite the screams and all.



The key is not to think about it too much before you jump. Be like Nike and JUST DO IT! lol! The adrenalin rush I felt was absolutely amazing. Maybe this will encourage some of you guys to give bungee jumping a try. I would definitely do it again. Have you ever gone bungee jumping before? How was your experience? If not, do you think you would ever try it? Let me know.

Much love,

Lady Bawss xxx


6 thoughts on “My Bungee Jumping Experience | Travel Diaries

    • Haha! Thanks. I’m not the best with heights either. I just made sure I didn’t think about it too much. Only after I had jumped and saw the pictures I thought of how crazy I was to do something like that.


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