Breakage Vs Shedding | Natural Hair Talk

When I started my natural hair journey I freaked out when I washed my own hair for the first time. My hair was falling off and was just EVERYWHERE! Needless to say I almost had a heart attack.After doing some research I learnt that my hair was in fact shedding and not breaking. Shew! Shedding and breakage are two completely different things and knowing the difference will help you greatly in your natural hair journey.

Of the hair that is on your head, 90% of it is in the growing phase. The other 10% is in the resting phase β€” which means it will fall out to leave room for new hair growth. Shedding is completely normal, and it should not affect the volume of your hair. However, if you are shedding is decreasing your hair volume then see a specialist.

To see whether your hair is shedding or breaking take a stand of hair that has fallen from your head and check for the following:
1. There is a white bulb at the root of the hair strand (refer to the picture above)

2. If you cannot see the bulb, then feel for it at the end of the hair strand. If you cannot feel a slight bump, then it is BREAKAGE. If you can feel the bulb your hair is shedding. It is as simple as that.

Breakage however will affect your hair volume and hair growth so it is important to take the necessary steps to combat breakage. As mentioned before if your hair breakage is excessive then consult a professional.

I hope this has shed some light on how to determine whether your hair is breaking or shedding. I usually do protein treatments when I notice that my hair is breaking. Always have a good moisture and protein balance. I have a video on what products I use and how I doΒ my Protein Treatment. Check it out if you are interested.
Much love,
Lady Bawss


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