Lush Henna Hair Dye Review | Caca Noir


I have heard a lot of talk about henna hair dye and its benefits, so I decided to do a review of Lush cosmetics’ henna hair dye. I am not looking to alter my brown hair tips just yet, so I decided to try the henna on my mothers natural hair instead.

According to the Lush cosmetics’ website, “Henna is the natural alternative to synthetic hair dye”. It is a plant based hair dye, so it has a very earthy smell to it (I noticed this straight away, the smell is quite pungent). It is also infused with natural ingredients such as cocoa butter and other essential oils which adds to the nourishment of the hair. Unlike synthetic hair dyes, henna does not dry out your hair. Instead, it supposedly leaves your hair looking glossy and feeling soft.

I got the ‘Caca Noir’ henna brick from Lush, which is meant to dye the hair black. The henna is pretty easy to prepare. I cut off one and a half blocks from the brick. I then cut those blocks up into chunky pieces and poured hot water over them. After letting it dissolve for a few minutes, I proceeded to mixed it up until it formed a thick, green paste. Remember to use gloves when applying henna, it is not a lie when they say it gets messy.


My mom has a few greys (Sssh! Don’t tell her I told you), so she was the perfect candidate for me to actually see whether her white hairs would vanish. After washing off the henna (About 7 hours after application), her hair was noticeably softer and it also gave off a beautiful sheen.

How it looked after 7 hours  (Hair had been covered with a plastic cap)
Results after the henna was washed off

I personally do not think it lived up to its name of being a ‘hair dye,’ I would rather call it a tint because, although my moms hair looked slightly darker, it was not jet black. I also noticed that some greys were still very visible. Besides that, I was really pleased with the moisturizing effects of the henna. It definitely made her hair look glossy, rich and healthy.

Have you tried Henna before? What was your experience?


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