Natural Hair Updo | Hair Talk

Hey ladies

I’ve taken out my protective style and my hair has just flourished! I am really happy with how it has grown.


I am now at a length where I can experiment with more hairstyles. Don’t you just love how versatile our Fros are?! It’s amazing. I have a video coming up soon on how I get the look below. So be sure to check out myΒ YouTube Channel.



How is your hair growth journey going?

Much love,

Lady Bawss

***UPDATED here is the mentionedΒ video. Enjoy



7 thoughts on “Natural Hair Updo | Hair Talk

  1. I love your hair. It’s so pretty. Can’t wait to see the video of this hairstyle.
    I cut my hair to the shoulder length and I really like it that way. As t’s pretty thick and black it’s much easier to take care of it when it’s shorter. xx

    Antonia || Sweet Passions


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