Mambo Havana Twists from AliExpress | Review | Crochet Braids

Crochet braids have become a very popular protective styling choice, especially amongst naturals who want to give their hair a break from constant manipulation. They come in various styles ranging from box braids, twists, faux loss, curls and many more.


I decided to try out the “Havana Mambo Twists” that I bought on AliExpress or you can try and find them from your local hair supply store. If you want to watch how I installed the twists, you can scroll down to the bottom of this post. The hair is 100% Kanekalon. It is synthetic, however the quality of the hair appears to be much better than the Yaki texture. So hairstyles tend to last longer with Kanekalon hair.

I have had my twists in for almost 3 weeks now and have since unraveled them. It seemed like a great idea at first but after a few days, the unraveled twists became too frizzy and I had to take the hair out. So if you want to unravel your crochet braids be aware that the new style may only last for about 3 days.



– Although the hair looks bulky it is very lightweight. It is also very soft and smooth when touched.

– The hair comes pre-twisted and the twists stayed intact for the full 3 week period. In fact the twists still looked new even though it had been 3 weeks. So I could definitely have the style for a much longer period.

– The braids were extremely easy to install. I had never installed crochet braids before but the style came out great.


– A lot of packs needed. There were only 12 twists in each pack so I had to buy 6 packs for a full head.

– Installing the twists on the edge of your hairline can lead to breakage (Can be avoided if you do not install any twists close to your hairline)

All in all, I am very happy with crochet braids and would definitely install the hair again. I’ll be trying a lot more styles so stay tuned to my YouTube channel to see which style I have next.
How has your experienced been with crochet braids? Let me know

Much love

Lady Bawss xxx


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