Detangling Natural Hair | Why Is It So Painful

Detangling natural hair can be a VERY painful process.We are then quick to blame and shame our hair for being too unmanageable, but are we really detangling our hair appropriately?! Technique plays a very vital role in detangling natural hair and therefore can drastically minimise the pain and also help you reduce breakage.

I left my hair uncombed to get it as tangled as possible for this video. I obviously would not recommend this, as tangles are not good at all for effective hair growth and length retention. So at night try and put your hair in large twists before going to bed, to decrease tangling and to also avoid this tedious detangling process.

Working in sections has helped me immensely when thoroughly detangling my hair. Check out the video below where I give some more useful tips and tricks!

Enjoy  πŸ™‚

Lady Bawss xxx




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