Tugela Gorge Hike – Natures Best | Travel Diaries 

img_3431I love traveling and as you may know I’m on a quest to see more of my continent. So in December I decided to try the ‘Tugela Gorge Hike’, just 4 hours away from Johannesburg. And man oh man was I surprised.

We took a hike up the mountains which was not easy for me (your girl is unfit) but once I got to the top the views were impeccable. Nothing I had ever seen or felt before. Pictures don’t do justice. Imagine being surrounded by nothing but pure, untapped nature at the tips of the mountains. It was magical.


I now believe in the saying “Nature is cheaper than therapy” lol! All your problems or concerns are just wiped away or seem insignificant up there.

Although the hike up was quite intense I would definitely still go back there again. This memorable experience goes down in my book as one of Africa’s best kept secrets. Tugela, thank you for bringing me back to myself!

Lady Bawss xxx



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