A Protective Style For “Awkward Length” Hair

I am back with another blog post/video! and of course we are talking hair…

Have you ever felt like your hair was too long for short hairstyles but too short for long hairstyles? That’s what I call the “Awkward Length”. Awkward length hair can be very frustrating to style and so I decided to find some simple ways to style it.

In my latest video below, I show you how I did it. I started with freshly washed and conditioned hair then moisturised it with the Ludo Leave In Conditioner, to keep my natural hair hydrated and soft. I then proceeded to style my hair.

This particular style is quite simple and is perfect for keeping the fragile ends of the hair protected. Since I am looking to retain as much length as possible, this protective style is amazing because it requires very little manipulation. I used Wand Curl crochet extensions that can be found at Hair Mart if in Botswana, if not, try your local beauty supply store.

What is your go to protective style? Let me know in the comment section.

Enjoy the video xxx

Lady Bawss


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