“Are You Sure You have 4C Hair?” | Mini Rant

I was quite surprised when someone came to me and questioned my hair texture. “Is that really 4C Hair?” they asked. I had just done a Rhassoul Clay mud wash which really makes my hair coil up much more than usual and so my curls had become quite defined that day. I found it quite sad that when my hair was looking “good” then it couldn’t be associated with 4C hair.
We really need to start appreciating and just embracing our hair for what it is. I constantly hear women bashing their own hair especially when it has 4C texture. “I really wish I had your hair, my hair is just painful and unmanageable” completely unaware of the fact that we have the same hair texture and the ONLY difference is that I am taking the necessary steps to care for my hair on a consistent basis.

Consistency is key. Healthy, rich and vibrant hair is only acheived if you are putting in the work. It’s that simple. If you neglect your hair then your hair will neglect you too. So let’s stop with the bashing of 4C textured hair, it’s getting old and annoying (Atleast in my case).

The Rhassoul Clay Mud Wash has worked amazingly on my natural hair and definitely contributed to my more defined curls. It is known to boost curls, soften the hair and much more. I tried it for the first time recently and it did exactly that. So I will definitely be incorporating Rhassoul Clay in my hair regimen especially on those days when I want my curls to pop! If you are interested in seeing how I use it as well as to see my results with it then, check out my video below.

Have you tried Rhassoul Clay? How did you find it?


2 thoughts on ““Are You Sure You have 4C Hair?” | Mini Rant

  1. Giiiirl people have no idea the work one has to put in. I totally get what you mean about being accused of not having 4c hair. It’s often just ignorance.


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